Auction Factory Texas road sign

Auction Factory Texas Has Landed

On May 1st 2020, Auction Factory Texas was established at 13652 State Highway 31 West in Tyler, Texas. The dream of Melissa Weber (President) has begun to take shape. With the extensive training and knowledge gained under the Auction Factory corporate headquarters employ, Melissa has branched out to become the proud owner of the Texas franchise. Having the flexibility to provide the Great State of Texas with industry leading online auction support by having a warehouse locally is something Auction Factory corporate was feverishly working to achieve. We know everything is bigger in Texas, including the demand for Auction Perfection.

Newly installed road sign for Auction Factory Texas 13652 HWY 31 W
Road sign for Auction Factory Texas 13652 HWY 31 West

“Seeing the large population centers of Dallas, Houston, Fort Worth, San Antonio and El Paso, I saw a need for a local franchise in Texas. With the excellent training and support I received while working at Auction Factory in Cleveland, and continue to receive, I really wanted to open the Texas franchise. I am eager and thrilled to be able to represent the online auction leader, Auction Factory, in the Great State of Texas !”

– Melissa Weber, President, Auction Factory Texas

After two weeks of hectic setup activity the dust began to settle and normal daily operations were taking shape. Auction Factory Texas has numerous auctions up and running, with many more being worked on as we speak.

Auction Factory Texas building sign
Newly installed signage on the Auction Factory Texas warehouse in Tyler, Texas

Auction Factory Texas’ official Grand Opening is June 1st, although we have started operating a bit sooner due to the huge demand for Auction Perfection in Texas.

The future is very big and bright for Auction Factory Texas, nearly as big and bright as the stars at night . . . (you know the rest)!

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