3BBL Jacketed Fermenters with Top Manway Auction

3BBL Jacketed Fermentor for Auction at AuctionFactory.Com

💲💲WOW! 🍺 Top Sellers! Starting a Brewery? Upgrading your current location? This equipment is LESS than 2 years old!! Take a look at these (3) 3BBL Stainless Steel Jacketed Fermenters with a Top Manway. The 3 bbl jacketed fermenters feature a top manway that will allow you to easily add yeast, dry hops, herbs, fruits etc. Designed to provide optimum control of your fermentation process, these Fermenters will provide superior performance. Single zone glycol jacketing extends from the body of the tank down into the cone.

Capacity holds 119 gallons, has single zone jacketing for both side and cone area, and a racking arm to easily drain beer off yeast. Includes a CIP arm and spray ball for easy cleaning, and a Sample Valve for quality testing. They are Rated at 15 psi, with (2) 1.5 inch butterfly valves, 1/4 inch NPT port for pressure gauge, and 1.5 inch and 2 inch TC ports on top. These fermenters can easily be converted to a 3 bbl unitank by using a Unitank Parts Kit. Hurry before it’s too late! Get your bids in today 🍺 Cheers!😃

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Top of 3BBL Fermentor on Auction at AuctionFactory.Com
Bottom of 3BBL Fermentor on Auction at AuctionFactory.Com
Inside of 3BBL Fermentor on Auction at AuctionFactory.Com
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